Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Retirement in Peru

Welcome to my blog. This is intended to be a guide for those considering a retirement in Peru!I would like to share my thoughts and experience and hopefully answer your questions! I retired in Peru 7 years ago (by way of NYC) and would like to share what I have learned with you. I currently live in Lima, Peru in the district known as Miraflores (upscale tourist area).

There are many factors to consider in your retirement location amongst them cost of living,quality of medical/dental care, political climate, entertainment, Embassy location,International airports urban/rural,Ocean/mountains/jungle and the list goes on and on. Coming from a large city and being easily bored, I was looking for the things a metropolis has to offer along with an oceanfront location and a tropical to sub-tropical climate.

Like most I first became intrigued with Peru as a result of reading about Machu Picchu. I had already decided to relocate to Latin America although Peru was not on my radar. I had made exploratory trips to Mexico and Central America and ruled them out (for various reasons) and was now ready to explore South America.

Brazil, while very attractive was ruled out do to cost/language factors.
Argentina, for economic/political factors. Chile and Uruguay held the most potential and Lima,Peru with it's central location was a natural jumping off point.

With it's low cost, I decided to rent an apartment in Lima for a few months (as home base)and explore South America.

As a single guy and in preparation for my trip, I joined a dating website in the hopes of making new friends to help me with the transition. Little did I know at the time that this was the most crucial decision I had made in my life to date.